Reverse Rehearsals: Phase One

Nathan Lynch and I co-curated an exhibition that I’m really excited about called Reverse Rehearsals, at Southern Exposure. We were working with the idea of reverse engineering a play (sans the play). The project was iterative, happening in three stages involving 13 fantastic artists and writers. 
We started by inviting artists Patrick Gillespie, Terry Berlier and Julie Henson to build “sets” in the space. The only guidelines were that other artists and writers would engage with their “sets” in some 
Next, artists Weston Teruya, Maria Porges and Jenene Nagy built “props for the sets.
And finally, 7 writers were invited to respond to the completed installations. The entire project culminated with an amazing evening of readings in the space. The writers were Dodie Bellamy, Victoria Gannon, Susan Gevirtz, Kari Marboe, Pam Martin, Kyle Metzner and Michael Swaine.
Here are some install shots of the first stage…!


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